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The Mighty 1000 Ultimate Workout

So I came up with this workout and did it with clients at my fitness studio in Brooklyn. All I have to say is holy sh*t balls, it’s that awesome.

It’s called the Mighty 1000 and yep, you do 10 exercises and 100 reps each = 1000 reps total. Now before you go scoffing, it’s a totally doable workout and it’s great because you can do it at your own pace. We did it in about 45 minutes. Just don’t take too long or else 1) you’ll be working out all day and 2) you lose a great deal of the benefit if you take 5 minute water breaks.

So here’s how it works, there are 10 exercises and you do 100 reps total of each one, as I mentioned. You do the exercises in any order you want and in as many sets as you want as long as you do at least 10 reps per set. So for example, you could do 30 push-ups then 10 burpees (we call them MOB’s at my studio) then 50 crunches before coming back to do 10 more push-ups, etc. Make sense?

Now the workout I’ve outlined below I’ve adapted for home use and requires minimal equipment. I’ve also given alternatives if you don’t have certain equipment at home or if you need a more modified version or have knee issues

If you are using weights, pick one that you can easily do 12-15 reps with because as you fatigue I don’t want you injuring yourself using a weight that is too heavy.

Alright, do this workout and leave a comment below let me know how long it took you. I know you can do it.

Original Exercise

At Home Version

Modified Version

1. KB Swings

Dumbbell Swing

Jump Squat

2. Push-ups


Push-up on knees

3. Squats



4. MOBs (Burpees)


MOBs (with stepping back)

5. TRX Row

Dumbbell Bent Row

Bent Row with Liter water bottles

6. Right Side Leg Raise

Right Side Leg Raise

Right Side Leg Raise

7. Left Side Leg Raise

Left Side Leg Raise

Left Side Leg Raise

8. Hip-up on tire

Hip-up with feet on chair

Hip-up on with feet on ground

9. Crunches



10. Lying Leg Raises

Lying Leg Raises

Lying Leg Raises