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I recently messed up the radiator in my diesel pick-up, Daurio auto had a used one that looked great and they sold it to me for reasonable price. Unfortunately the radiator leaked when I installed it.I figured it was going to be a hassle taking it back, I was pleasantly mistaken, they not only took it back they ordered me a New radiator at a price nobody else could come close to.These people are great, I highly recommend them.  
What more could you want!? They had my hard to find leaf springs pulled from the vehicle in half a day with a 50% savings from the only other person with the part! I am impressed with the service, price, and selection!
I was looking for parts on My Tacoma said they had it. Went down gave me an excellent price! I then needed another piece because I misdiagnosed first problem. Discounted the second part to the point that I was so impressed I bought another piece for my Sequoia on the spot without researching it. These guys are the best, I used to deal with their father, now the sons have continued the tradition of great service and fairness. None better in Pueblo, Colorado. Oh yes I live in Colorado Springs and think nothing of calling them first and driving down they always have their competition beat! Nice Job ! They do it right the first time second time and consistently make it worth my time!! Honesty from a recycle business is very refreshing. Now I got to find an Actuator for my daughters 2003 4runner guess who I'm calling?