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How to Erase Your Muffin Top in 2014


Hey there Black Girl Slim crew,

I’m baaaaack! After a much needed break over the holidays, I’m back and ready to help you make this year your best and healthiest yet.

Happy 2014! Doesn’t that seem like such a futuristic year? I remember being a kid and wondering what life would be like in 2014 and beyond. I thought for sure we would all be driving around in flying cars and communicating via computer chips in our hands. Welp, while we’re not quite there yet, I do know something that always looms in almost everyone’s future…FAT. With each year, our bodies just naturally want to store more of the stuff while burning less of it.

Kinda sucks right?

I’ve got some great things lined up for you all in 2014 including some new segments. This year you can expect not only great workouts, but interviews, more nutrition tips, recipes and mindset coaching at your request, so make sure to keep you keep an eye on your inbox for messages from me.

I want you all to start the New Year off right. And that means getting rid of that muffin top.

Today’s workout is the Muffin Top Eraser.

The obliques, or the sides of you stomach, are often a forgotten about area when it comes to core work, so we’re going to focus on them heavily in today’s workout. Don’t be deceived. At first glance this workout looks easy, but once you get down there to do it, you WILL feel the burn.

So go ahead and GET IT IN with me in 2014

Your soul fitness gangsta,

P.S. Let me know, what were your New Year’s Resolutions? And how can I help you reach them?