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Welcome to the Revolution that is Black Girl Slim

You’re here because want to lose weight. You want to be healthier because you know life is just better when you have the energy and confidence you need to get through your day.  In fact, just getting through your day isn’t good enough, you want to bust through it like the Koolaid man busts through a wall with energy to spare and looking good while you do it.

You’ve also probably heard of or tried just about every diet out there (did someone say cabbage soup or banana diet?) and just aren’t getting the results you’re looking for, not to mention trying to decipher the millions of bits of health information you see from Dr. Oz, the evening news or your Facebook feed.

I get it.

It’s hard to know what YOU actually need to do to get real results.  You may even feel paralyzed because you know there is sooo much information out there.

You also know that this being healthy thing is about more than just you and you’ve got a sneaking suspicion that it’s more than just about the weight. There is something bigger at play. Much bigger.

You need help sifting through what’s good and what’s bad, to help you get over that mental road block that keeps you from taking ACTION to finally reach your goals. For reals this time.

That my dear, is exactly what I do.

I’m Aja Davis, the Soul Fitness Gangsta, and my passion is to help women transform their bodies and transform their lives through fitness training and mindset shifts.

I’ve been a certified personal trainer for over 8 years, a holistic nutrition coach for 5 years, and soul seeker for probably the past 10 years.

Think of me as a personal trainer for your body and your soul. Not only do I show people how to eat so that they have more energy and exercise to strengthen and tone their bodies, I show them how to quiet that negative nelly voice we all have running in our heads. You know the one, it’s the one that tells you you can’t do it, and keeps you playing small and preventing you from reaching your full potential.

Through my programs, I coach women just like you, how to overcome fear and self doubt when it comes to embarking on a health and fitness journey, create customized, convenient workouts, and act as your expert guide as we navigate the labyrinth of nutrition together.

If you’re looking for a fun, fully supportive way to transform your body, and are open to the possibilities that might ensue, then you’ve come to the right place.

And in case you’re here wondering about what I do offline…keep reading.

P1000787-1280x1280I live in Brooklyn, NY. THE BEST borough, by far though I’ve lived in several places all over the country and world.

I love martial arts and almost all things Japan. Funny though, I spent nearly 12 years studying a Korean martial art (Taekwondo) and over 5 years studying Japanese. Arigato. Then decided to go live in Mexico just to learn Spanish.

My favorite thing to do in the world (besides help people transform their bodies and lives) is to travel, if you didn’t get already. Luckily, my fiancee runs and a global non-profit so that ticks that off my list. I’ve traveled to Mexico, Japan, Italy, France, Indonesia, India and Brazil. I’ve got quite a few countries to tick off my list and I’m excited to try. I just really love seeing things from someone else’s point of view. If I can learn a few words of the local language, that makes the experience that much better.

I own a fitness studio in Brooklyn called New Body Elite Transformation. If you’re in the area, please do stop by and say hi! That’s where I get to test out all my theories before bringing them to you all.

I’ve been featured on WeTV, Fitness Magazine

My greatest realization: This moment is all there is and I am (and so you are) infinite possibility.

My favorite color: Red

A random fact about me: My name comes from the Steely Dan album, AJA. I think my parents chose well. 🙂